The House Warming Party

Quietly I get up early in the morning to do the one thing I had not done in almost five months... turn on my mixer. It was time. You could smell the puréed strawberries, see powered sugar floating in the air, flour on my apron and face, the mixing of butter and sugar, and the … Continue reading The House Warming Party


The Crystal Blue Heart

The $ 15 desk ( yes I did say $ 15! )was in GoodYear AZ. It was just the right size for my office/guest bedroom. After Kev painted it white it still needed that special “something”. And there it was... blue crystal knobs. Perfect. A few days later I was looking at the beautiful knobs … Continue reading The Crystal Blue Heart

Holy Fire

Urgent prayer: Thursday 12:58 pm. “ I’ve had to evacuate. Hugh fire in Lake Elsinore. Pray ...I don’t know if my house will still be there.. Urgent prayer: It’s cancer..the kind that killed Steve Jobs..Pray...He’s in surgery now Urgent prayer: They made a mistake on Jakes college tuition..we can’t pay it. Jakes not going to … Continue reading Holy Fire

Shallow Roots just didn’t stop. It was one tree after another that had been completely uprooted after the last 75 mph winds from the monsoon. My last count 20..20 huge trees that looked like they could withstand any storm. But when you looked closely ALL of them had shallow roots. The shallow roots weren’t exposed until … Continue reading Shallow Roots