GCU: The Promise

As I  went thru our boxes after moving I found a special homemade picture book. It was the one I made for Jakes adoption. It was given to the mom to decide if we would be the couple to adopt her baby. When we met with her we promised her two things; he would be … Continue reading GCU: The Promise



It was Marilu. With my heart beating loudly I answered the call. We got the house! The one with multiple applications. The one with the open kitchen, safe neighborhood, and a POOL at a price we could afford! It was an impossible dream. I had stopped looking after I found this one. This was our … Continue reading Home

Holy Fire

Urgent prayer: Thursday 12:58 pm. “ I’ve had to evacuate. Hugh fire in Lake Elsinore. Pray ...I don’t know if my house will still be there.. Urgent prayer: It’s cancer..the kind that killed Steve Jobs..Pray...He’s in surgery now Urgent prayer: They made a mistake on Jakes college tuition..we can’t pay it. Jakes not going to … Continue reading Holy Fire

Shallow Roots

One..two..three..it just didn’t stop. It was one tree after another that had been completely uprooted after the last 75 mph winds from the monsoon. My last count 20..20 huge trees that looked like they could withstand any storm. But when you looked closely ALL of them had shallow roots. The shallow roots weren’t exposed until … Continue reading Shallow Roots