Mt.Meru Part 1V: The Summit

Morning had finally come. Renan awoke and knew he had just experienced a miracle. The stroke had passed and he knew he could summit. At 3:00 am the three of them started on the last climb.The Summit. But it was also the most difficult. All climbers know that in the “death zone” there was … Continue reading Mt.Meru Part 1V: The Summit


Mt. Meru: Part III: The Ascend

They were going. With the loss of Conrad's mentors, Jimmy facing death , and Renan starting to walk again they all concluded one thing; to live without purpose is no life at all. For these three climbers their purpose was to summit Mt. Meru. But with every dream it requires sacrifice. Renan started to train … Continue reading Mt. Meru: Part III: The Ascend