The Goat Trail

We got an early start because we we’re uncertain about this new trail called “ the goat trail”. I should have been suspicious with that name. The trail was for mountain goats not humans over 60 & still not in super athletic shape ( no I’m not talking about Kev lol 😂) The first mile was ok but then we started the 2nd mile…all up hill. Halfway thru I stopped. We didn’t know how much further to the top because we didn’t even know where the top was. Kev said I could stop and he would check it out. But then I thought of my neighbor who has to do a chemo treatment every three weeks just so she can keep going. If she can endure that I can go further…and further I went. After what seemed like miles we made it…it was only 2 miles!!! The Grand Canyon is over 10 miles..ugh. Jesus help me. This is a challenge. The Bible talks about “running the race for an everlasting prize”. The Grand Canyon may not be the everlasting prize but while we are still here on this the earth we will meet challenges that seem impossible to overcome. But, like my friend, you just go that one step further because when you do your that much closer to the top…even if it’s just 2 miles 😓


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