The Storm of the Century

It was called “The Storm of the Century “ in Flaggstaff AZ. Over 3 feet of snow within 48 hrs. For most of northern AZ it was closed to the outside world. The stores were completely empty as people hunkered down to live out this blanket of white stuff. Down where we live it was the rain and COLD. And when I say cold I mean 30 degrees cold. If you can believe it we even put our heaters on! ( in a few months we will wish for this time 😥) But then, this morning we all woke up to the sun shining with a slight chill in the air. So what’s a person do now? Well of course continue with our Grand Canyon training in the White Tank mountain park. With lots of trails to choose we started. It seemed easy enough yet, from our past hikes, we were expececting it to get harder. But, to our surprise it never did. It was enjoyable with time to take pics of the various cactus that we had not seen on our other hikes…like the barrel cactus. On our last hike there were a lot of quartz. So on this hike we made the decision to go to the Grand Canyon next April for our 25th anniversary. Ironic isn’t it? At this time last year we were selling our wedding rings in hopes to pay our rent. Like this “Storm of the Century “ life’s storms can hit you so hard, so fast, with no hope of getting out alive. Flaggstaff has had snow but not like this. We were there, living our own
Storm of the Century “. But today, the Storm has passed and we are hiking on a beautiful path making plans for our dream hike on our 25th anniversary. It is my prayer that if you or maybe your entire family are in the middle of storms that are relentless with no hope to dream again…look up and see the rainbow 🌈. On Saturday before I left work there was a double rainbow. The Storm of the Century had passed and the sun had come out again.
Look to Jesus today and know that your days of dreaming again are still here…


One thought on “The Storm of the Century

  1. Wow happy anniversary to be …wow 25 years awsome !!!your dad and myself saw a double rainbow on the way to church last Sunday….The Rainbow beginning or ending was at the church “The Rock”.


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