The Dream Board

It was a simple question: What is your dream for 2019? And guess what? Most people had no dreams; instead their answer was “Just to get thru 2019”. I get that because our family was just trying to get thru 2018. So why don’t people dream? Maybe it’s because they don’t want to be disappointed once again…because it is after all just a dream. But, some dared to dream.. Dreams of becoming a mom, a grandma, a trip to a tree house with their grand kids, hiking the Grand Canyon, finding their soul mate. God even says that “ with no vision people perish ”. Just waking up everyday, going to work or school, coming home to eat and sleep, and then starting all over..that’s just not living. So, I went out and got supplies and decided to make a “ dream board”. I made the mistake of trying to hang it up before it dried so I had to keep it on the table for another day. It was upsetting at first but then I realized something on the board. It WAS perfect because it had names on it with people who wanted to not give up but rather to keep dreaming, keep believing in the desires of our hearts…the dreams God put in their hearts. How about you? Would you like to share your dream now? Do you even have a dream? Start there. And then feel free to share it with me so I can put it on my dream board..I have a spot for each dream AND the answer to it. Everyday as I walk past the dream board I will pray for each one and then watch to see what God does. I’ve started my training to hike down the Grand Canyon and it’s NOT easy. It looks and feels impossible! But isn’t that what dreams are all about? The impossible? Gratefully God says that “ with Him ALL things are possible. Can’t wait to put YOUR dreams on the board 🌈


One thought on “The Dream Board

  1. That is so wonderful! I’m still dreaming about my dream… I do dream that George will be successful in starting his own business and not be under so much stress! I dream I can help.. I dream he will quit smoking and take better care of himself so we can retire together and do good things for God’s kingdom!


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