Hope Valley

It was to be a forever love story that only in Hope Valley Jack and Elizabeth from the Netflix series “When Calls the Heart “ would live happily ever after. Spoil elert. Jack dies. First Kev and I cried with jubilation when the Chargers won today but then cried when Jack, the main character died ( ok only I cried cause Kev was watching the other football games!)This has been a week full of a lot of emotions because as we move forward to another new year the sadness of so many losses of last year caught up with me. As Kev and I sat in our car after church we talked about last year and all we had endured. With tears streaming down my face there was a sense of…well..shame and loss of purpose. With my business I woke up everyday with great expectation and joy. But what now? For some of you this may be what you are feeling like in this new year. With a loss of a loved one, your health at jeopardy, being an unexpected caretaker, not finding someone to share your life with, or just wanting to change your direction, this new year may not be welcomed with open arms. But, as the last episode ended, we found out that Elizabeth wasn’t going to be alone..she’s pregnant. And just like that, in that little town called Hope Valley, there would once again be new life. So, as the King family forges on in AZ with reborn hope, we will also continue to uplift those we love in Calif with our prayers . With all the pictures we took this year I picked this one as my favorite..Jake took it in Flagstaff this fall…what better way to depict HOPE than seeing the sun come thru the dark forest to light the path to the other side….carpi diem everyone 🙏


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