The Grateful Box

The present was hidden in a box labeled “grateful”. Inside the box was a beautiful handmade afghan made with the colors of our living room. Every night I lay on it or cover myself with it because of its softness and warmth. At the same time I kept the box under the tree to look at the words “grateful”. Huh? 2018 was one of the most tumultuous years that I can remember. To sum it up; losing my business that was truly my passion, Kev leaving the job he had always dreamed of, Jake graduating from the only school and friends he had ever known, on the doorsteps of being homeless, friends sick with cancer or others losing their loved ones…no hope. So how can the King family be grateful for 2018? Because of one phone call from my best friend in AZ. Since that time we have a different story; Jake got accepted to GCU and finished his 1st semester with a 3.5 GPA, got new jobs that we are grateful for, renting a perfect home that has a real pool, a great neighborhood where we now have new friends, a new church and a neighborhood bible study group, and good health. And finally, the burdens we had from our past has now been lifted from us. So, as a new tradition, our family are going to celebrate this new year, 2019, by writing ALL the things we are grateful for and putting them in the “grateful “ box. And for every new year we will give back to God all that we are grateful for, the good with the difficult. What will be YOUR new tradition? Or maybe pick up where you once left? Either way may the reflections of this year bring you back to this one word “ grateful “. We look forward to 2019 because we know who holds it in His hands…Jesus. How about you?


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