The Christmas Miracle

He was born a little over 4 lbs. There was complications from the moment he was born. Day after day it was touch and go. His father would come into my workplace not knowing when or if his new baby son would be coming home. With Christmas right around the corner there seemed to be little to celebrate because baby Beau wasn’t home. And then it happened. He came home to find the most wonderful gift under the tree…baby Beau wrapped up in a Christmas blanket sleeping so peacefully..he was home now with his other siblings. Many prayers had gone out for God to provide a Christmas miracle…and He did. But this was really the second Christmas miracle about a baby.. that’s right. The baby in the manger was the first of Gods promise to us. With all the that goes on just before Christmas like parties, shopping, cooking, wrapping presents, filling the stockings, and all the other stuff, it’s easy to forget WHY we celebrate Christmas at all. For the King family this will be a very different Christmas but the reason will be the same..we give thanks to God that He gave up His son to come as a baby for one purpose die on a cross so that He could rise in 3 days and finally break the bonds of sin and death. Because of that we now have hope and a future called heaven. So for this Christmas we give thanks for little baby Beau being home with his family but also grateful for the gift of the baby found not under a Christmas tree but rather a manger. May you find your Christmas miracle this season too.



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