Second Chances

One of the joys we have as a family at Christmas time is to go to the play called “ A Christmas Carol”. To our great fortune we were able to do that again this weekend. With fake snow falling and the sound of a fog machine we saw Scrooge go from the past to finally the possible future. The story is really, well, about 2nd chances. How amazing it is that a person who was going in a very destructive direction can be brought to a place of sheer JOY simply by taking the hand of a spirit and allowing them to show you who you really are but with the hope of what you can be. It brought tears to my eyes..I remembered my mom telling me just before she past away that she met Jesus and was changed because of His love. She saw a glimpse of heaven and said there were no words to describe it but only that you never wanted to leave it. She also said she saw a glimpse of Hell. Her description of it was “ so bad , a place of evil, darkness and a place you would never want to be in, much less for eternity”. She was given a 2nd chance. For just a short time that she was still with us she had great JOY sharing about the love of Jesus and how it changed her life. Christmas is all about 2nd chances. You can choose His love, be transformed and have a future of heaven where there is no more sadness, pain, or death..just JOY on steroids. Scrooge experienced this when he woke up and realized he had been given a 2nd chance. Christmas would be forever in his heart, not just on December 25th but all year long. Christmas is almost here…do you need a 2nd chance in your life? Change directions? Just hold out your hand and let the Spirit guide the little baby in the manger..


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