The Christmas Party

The lights were strung across the pickers, the Christmas tree was decorated with the blue ornaments representing the Mygrant colors, the food from Olive Garden had arrived, and the Christmas music was playing in the background. It was the company that Kevin & I now work for 1st Christmas party. Our office manager, Kelly Smith, had worked tirelessly to make this 1st Christmas party one to remember. She brought in her own decor that sat on our counters to welcome the most important part of the party..the employees from all the branches of Mygrant. Soon there was the sound of laughter, hello’s to one another from long time employees and quiet talks of those who were getting caught up. With stomachs full the games began and boy was that something to see! With my best friend Kimmer there by my side I could only get teary eyed. Kev and I are so grateful to be a part of this company because it has brought us hope when our lives seemed hopeless. Change WITH Jesus does bring hope. Though we were afraid we trusted in Him and he brought us here.. to AZ and to Mygrant. I know that many of you may be afraid of changes that have come upon you unexpectedly and for some you may want to make a change but are afraid. As Linus said in “Charlie Browns Christmas” do not be afraid for unto to us a child is born in the town of Bethlehem. “ Just like the star that lit up the sky to direct the shepards and wise men to Jesus, so that same light will guide your path to bring you to a place of hope and peace. So, from Kev and I we say “ thank you “ to all who have helped us in this new season of our lives. 0E79A757-B062-4DFC-874E-B56C64783419.jpeg


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