Wow Wow Wow

As we rounded the corner there it was. WOW WOW WOW and for the next few miles that was all I could say. The magnificent red siraided rocks of Sedona far surpassed anything you may have thought it would look like. It’s grandiosity was breathtaking as the red rocks looked as if they could touch the bluest of skies. Around every bend there was another side of the red rocks…so many different big… a mini Grand Canyon. With the different times of day the sun would hit the rocks and new colors would be shown..AMAZING! Well, it wasn’t just the awe inspiring rocks that kept me saying WOW. It was also the hike we went on called West Fork in Oak Canyon. Now this was the hike I had always wanted to go on..easy pathways, with trees making an arch overhead, running brooks and sandy like beaches with the red rocks jutting out around you. A perfect place to have a picnic Yes, it was almost heaven ( although it will never beat Del Coronado especially at Christmas 🎄) A verse from Job 37:22 best described it “ Out of the mouth comes golden splendor. Around God is awesome majesty”. This was the Kings new Thanksgiving. We were sad to not be with our dad where we would go to Peois Resturant in Coronado for Thanksgiving dinner and then go look at the lights on the Dels’ Christmas tree. God has brought us to a new place for a new purpose and Sedona reminded us that He has big plans that will keep us saying WoW Wow Wow. What do you have to be thankful for this year? For some that will be a difficult question as some of my friends have lost family members just this month. My prayers go out to those friends. Some have much to celebrate…But whatever season you may be in right now you will ALWAYS have something to be thankful for…something where you can say WOW. We know because we’ve been there..losing family members, losing jobs, health scares, moving from those we love, losing our dreams…Praise God that at this Thanksgiving He showed us in his awe inspiring beauty of Sedona we CAN say Wow Wow Wow. Can I hear an amen? 🙏


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