An Early Christmas

It’s been a tough week for a lot of reasons; tomorrow is the day my dreams come to an end, at least the 1st stage with one more to go; a good friends father died unexpectedly and it reminded me of the loss I had of my dad; my other dear friend texted me today with unknown outcomes for her mother’s health; changes with my daddy Lenny and we aren’t there, especially for Thanksgiving…the list could go on. And then an unexpected surprise happened. Jake bought me a early Christmas present. Such Joy such Gratefulness. Why is this such a big deal? It was like when we got a pool with our rental house. It was a wish not a necessity. With our budget being very tight there wasn’t any hope of presents, especially something we didn’t need. This week my JoY was dried up…I had grown weary. My dreams were gone, sorrow for my friends loved ones who had passed away.My husband knew I needed something now not just at Christmas. And so, with the generosity of a poor college student, I was given a much needed gift I had wished for. With Thanksgiving right around the corner I share this simple blog to encourage you. Just like this unexpected present, Jesus WILL meet you right where you are at, in your sorrow and bewilderement of the WHY? He will bring you peace when there is none to be found; He’ll show you new dreams when your old ones have died. That’s what this Christmas season is all about. Hope with an unexpected gift, something we did need but more importantly what we desired. Love wrapped up not in Christmas paper but rather a blanket. Jesus


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