A Birthday Candle

They say it’s just a number but the candles don’t lie. As my husband shared with me in my birthday card it required a fire truck to blow our my candles this year. So what’s it like to be…well let’s just say it’s after 60. Grateful. Yes the candle reminds me that another year has passed and boy has it been a year. But like anything you can choose to find JOY in the midst of great pains. One of the great blessings was to be with our son and his friends to celebrate his 19th birthday. I accidentally bought the wrong kind of candles that don’t blow out. Jake tried but it wouldn’t die out. Instead it mealted into the Rees Peanut Butter cupcake. It was hysterical. That one candle stayed lit no matter how hard he blew. It’s like that when the light of God is in you. No matter what circumstances you may face Gods love for you will alsways be proven. I have found that to be true for me this past year. I know the difficulties are not over but Gods faithfulness has shown brightly. So as we start the countdown to the holidays Jake & I put our birthday candles together and ask the Lord for special blessings on both our old and new friends & family and may His light shine brightly in your lives. We miss you all very much , especially my dad as we will not be with him this season, but are so grateful for what we have found in AZ. Just like the candle that could not be blown out so is Gods love and promises that will ALWAYS stay true. Thank you again for all for your birthday wishes.


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