The McDowell Mountains & The Rattler

Kev had been asking me to go with him to the McDowell mountains in Scottsdale for a hike and also to scout out his next climb. So with some trepidation I succumbed. It was the perfect weather for this kind of hike. After about a mile Kev found the route he wanted to go so I sat at the bottom waiting for him. It wasn’t until I couldn’t see him I realized I didn’t have the car keys. I also saw I had no reception on my phone. While contemplating my escape route I heard a familiar sound. It was getting louder..what was it? And then I recognized it…killer bees. Ok maybe not killer bees but it was bees..and a LOT of them. And just when I was going to scream Kev made it down and off we went. Shortly after walking back I saw in front of us what looked like a stick..only there had not been a stick there before. I asked Kev very calmly “isn’t that a snake? To which he replied “yep a rattler” and then asked me to take a picture with him and the snake. My camera kept saying “ you need to get closer” but I declined. As many of you know I’m not one to cuss except when I’m scared. This was no exception😆. So what do you do when you encounter a rattler? You wait for it to finish sunning and then cross the path ( I would also add pee your pants but that’s just me ). So what’s this weeks tibit of godly wisdom; if a snake crosses your path, both figuratively and literally, don’t provoke it ..instead walk away and go a different path. And isnt that just what Jesus did when He was confronted by the REAL snake in the desert? His alternate path? The Cross. So much for big bad snakes when we have Jesus.


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