I’m Just Too Tired

Working on Saturdays,doing grocery shopping, laundry, Church, all so that on Sunday I can chill or go on an adventure. And there’s Monday, the only day to get my appts done, baking, cleaning house, getting cars fixed, doing our finances and then it starts all over again. Well today I was just too tired to go anywhere, do anything, that even chilling made me tired. But I still did baking, the rest of our laundry because we’ll…there’s Monday my one day off and it’s already filled with appts.getting cars diagnosed, college paperwork for Jake..and the list goes on. Ever been there? Do you find yourself getting up in the morning asking yourself “ I’m already tired and I haven’t even got out of bed?” But weariness can also be emotional, spiritual, tired of being sick, alone, sadden with the loss of a loved one, financially broke or lack of hope. I’ve heard people call this kind of tiredness “ weary of soul “. God talks about this and tells us to give Him our burdens and He will make our load light…how? It’s called trusting Him for all things and asking Him to plan out our day..no matter what is to come. Now I would love it if He could come and do my laundry, clean the house, pay my bills, fix all the cars, and maybe even some of the baking ( talk about heavenly cookies!)But until I go to heaven this will still be mine to do..So, for all of those who are weary and heavy burden with your life , give it to Jesus, talk to Him about everything, and then put it in His hands. Sleep well my friends..
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