Hear the sounds of the babbling brook, music from the songbirds, smell the newly rained forest, see the tall pine trees, walk on the path of fresh new puddles…so peaceful,so serene. It was hard to believe that, just a few hours north in a small mountain town of Payson, we were still in AZ. It was a quiet place that I could just reflect. Reflect on the blessings, the difficulties we’ve endured, the hope of a better future. But to be honest my thoughts were on my friends…my best friend who’s father passed away at almost 100 and my dear friend who buried her brother unexpectedly this weekend. With the eulogy’s they both did for their loved one it was a time to reflect on the life they lived. Reflecting on your own life can sometimes be therapeutic because it helps us look at where we are and also where we want to go. The hope we have is in the reflection of Jesus eyes when He looks at us..while on the cross. May my friends and those who have also lost a loved one find peace of heart in Jesus Promise..heaven.


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