Welcome to the Neighborhood

Slowly they came out, one family at a time. It was early in the evening when I got off work and we finally saw some neighbors…it was 82 degrees . It’s the time Arizonans come out to play. We met Randy, Fay, and Chris. It was then we found out we lived in “ the “ neighborhood where they have Sunday football parties, brisket cook offs, Halloween parties where kids are bused in to our neighborhood and where we now live on the Christmas block simarilar to Bainbridge ( for all of you from Murrieta/Temecula youll know what we mean!)’ Today we met many more of them at the brisket cook off at Greg’s house who has FIVE TVs with a mans bar room. But a few of us sat outside in his beautiful backyard just talking and getting our doggy fix with little Buda. Of course I brought over my Halloween special cupcakes and what was left Jake took home to his GCU roomies. This was my kind of neighborhood..families who love to have fun!! What struck me the most though was how God deliberately put us in a place where we would be supported when we knew few people but also where we might be able to show Gods love to them as well. I can guarantee you’ll be seeing lots of pics of this group…but nothing will take the place of our family and friends in San Diego and Temecula. In some ways it saddened me to be there today because Im reminded of all the times we got together with all of you. Miss you all so much😥 But until we meet again God has us here to shine HIS love!


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