The Life Saving Gift of Water

105 degrees…again. The old man was pushing his cart on the side of the freeway as he probably always did but this time was different. Another man watched him in his car while waiting to get on the freeway. Suddenly the old man collapsed. In a panic the man in the car wanted to give him water but he had none. There was no way to help the old man. The light changed and he had to leave while passing the helpless old man….The young girl wasn’t begging but she was thirsty. Obviously homeless she asked her companion for water but he just kept saying “ we need to keep going”. They were in front of an McDonalds where many of the homeless hang out so it wasn’t uncommon to hear them saying they were thirsty, especially in 105 degree in AZ. Only this time she couldn’t go further. She had reached her last step and just stopped. A woman who had gone in to get her drink and saw this remembered the story of the old man. Immediately she got out of her car and got her not just one but two large drinks and the woman looked at her with shock and gratitude. She would now have the strength to go another day. It was Kevin who saw the old man and was so profoundly effected by it that he went out and bought a cooler and fulls it with ice and water every morning so that he would always be prepared to give to those who are thirsty . His act of kindness was passed on to me so that I was able to give to another who was also thirsty. We too have been changed and able to go another day because of the many acts of kindness given to us . Jesus talks about this when He tells us we can come to Him and we will never be thirsty again.  We are the hands of Jesus, reaching out to those who have real needs, real hurts, real pain. This week I encourage you to show an act of kindness, to someone who could use a little help either materially or in words so they too can go just another day…that extra day could be the day where their dreams come true.



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