The Crystal Blue Heart

The $ 15 desk ( yes I did say $ 15! )was in GoodYear AZ. It was just the right size for my office/guest bedroom. After Kev painted it white it still needed that special “something”. And there it was… blue crystal knobs. Perfect. A few days later I was looking at the beautiful knobs when it triggered an amazing memory I had several years ago. Jesus gave me a gift wrapped up in a leather pouch . When I opened it it was a brilliant crystal . It was as if it had captured light itself. He took the crystal and placed it deep within my heart and said “ let the reflection of MY light of love be your purpose”.  He took my broken, wounded heart and replaced it with A heart of gratitude and JOY…It shook my world to its deepest core so that I would never be the same again.  Do you have a broken, wounded heart? Have you wanted to wake up each morning with gratitude and JOY,  no matter what the circumstances are for that day or what you have carried with you from the past ? For those who have been following us you know our story and know we’ve had more days of sorrow than of JOY.  But as we settle into our desert life we are reminded again of what our purpose is…no matter where we call home “ to reflect the love of Jesus “.  




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