GCU: The Promise

As I  went thru our boxes after moving I found a special homemade picture book. It was the one I made for Jakes adoption. It was given to the mom to decide if we would be the couple to adopt her baby. When we met with her we promised her two things; he would be raised in a Christian home and he would receive Christian education for as long as we could afford it. Jake was at a Christian school throughout his education and tomorrow he starts his first classes at GCU, a Christian college. He came over today to see the new home and just to be with us . I didn’t cry when I left Jake at the dorm last week but I did tonight. We’ve kept our promise Melissa; we stayed married with Christ at the center ( 23 years worth!) and he has received Christian education, even when it didn’t seem that we would be able to keep that promise.  With the help of  God and many of you he’s there, at college, to begin this next chapter of his journey. The tears have begun now as I write this blog…. I remember the night before we took Jake home to be our new son Melissa shared with us a dream she had about us. When she asked God why “ us “ He said “so that they may have JOY”.  And Jake you have brought us joy overflowing . We are so proud of you. May God shower on you His good favor and guide your steps as you seek Him first. 51FC493E-C077-492A-817E-60B758E6AF9B.jpeg


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