It was Marilu. With my heart beating loudly I answered the call. We got the house! The one with multiple applications. The one with the open kitchen, safe neighborhood, and a POOL at a price we could afford! It was an impossible dream. I had stopped looking after I found this one. This was our new home. But it looked impossible. On paper many other applicants looked better than us until Marilu suggested we write a letter as to why we would be the best tenants. And it all came down to one word “home”.  We weren’t looking for a rental; we were looking for a home. So when the alarm went off at 5:00 am today we couldn’t wait to get everything into our new home ( ok maybe we didn’t jump up gleefully if I’m being real ). And we weren’t the only ones getting up at the crack of dawn. New friends like John & Kelly, Jakes friend Randy and our longtime friend Steve who had helped us get here to AZ , they too had sacrificed their one day off to help us move. By 9:30 am we had moved everything over. Our reward? Jumping into our new pool! Gone is our sharky pool and now we have a grown up pool. God has given us more than we needed..He gave us the desire of our hearts. Sometimes the best from God requires patience and trust.  We had gone thru so much since the beginning of this year that we had stopped believing…trusting.We had grown weary with God. Have you ever been at that point? Has God taken too long to restore your marriage, your finances, your health, your family?  If our lives can be an encouragement to you know with certainty that “ With God ALL things are possible.” It wasn’t until we were willing to leave everything and move into the wilderness (that’s what California’s call AZ!) that God began to restore us with new dreams.  So today, we want to thank our new and old friends for all their help and to God who saw our tears and broken spirit and has blessed us beyond all measure. And for next weeks blog? GCU here he comes😥




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